My Cousin Remy

A 24-Carat Cajun
- Writen By Gary A. Theriot

My Cousin Remy fulfills the curiosity of what adults want to think and believe about Cajuns. Not just any Cajun. The type that entertains and is outrageously unique just like Remy.



Book Overview

The story takes the reader through Gary and Remy’s youthful adventures, high school, and college years. After college the author’s focus is entirely on Remy. Theriot follows Remy’s Army career and return to his hometown Arnaudville, Louisiana. After returning to his roots, Remy’s life gets complicated and he has to deal with starting a farming operation, his eventual marriage to the most beautiful woman in South Louisiana, and life’s up and downs. 

 My Cousin Remy promises to make the reader laugh and perhaps shed a few tears as Remy’s life takes many unexpected turns requiring him to face up to Gary’s professed Totem Pole Theory of Life and walk the talk. 

 As outrageous as this Cajun’s life is, Remy understands life is not always fair…. Its lopsided! 

About The Author

Gary Theriot was born and raised in Opelousas, a small town of less than 30,000 in Southwest Louisiana.

Gary was fortunate to live as a Cajun until he married a French bride and moved to the Northeast where he lived and worked for over a decade. 

 During this period of his life, Gary worked in marketing for large healthcare companies before moving back south of the Mason-Dixon Line to Atlanta, Ga. in 1995. 

 The cold winters in the Northeast were a cruel punishment for this good ole' Cajun boy. 

 Luckily, during his time in the Northeast, the national culinary birth of Cajun cooking blossomed. Thus, also initiating America's curiosity about Cajuns. 

What exactly are Cajuns always came up every time Gary encountered a new Yankee. Being an imaginative person, Gary started telling Cajun stories about his fictional cousin Remy at large sales meetings and among his business colleagues during social gatherings. 

Remy became a popular topic. 

Book Preview

  • The Early Years

    Remy and Gary were very close growing up. They were born on the same day and spent most of their free time together in Arnaudville on the farm, hunting, and just being care free young Cajuns. 

  • Major Theriot Comes Home

    This chapter sets the stage for Remy becoming a successful farmer in St. Landry Parish. We learn Remy was a shrewd operator while conducting clandestine work for the U.S. Army amassing a small fortune.

  • Remy Meets Lynn Marie

    The most pivotal event in Remy’s life. This wild young Cajun beauty was more than a handful. Undoubtedly Lynn Marie was the most beautiful woman in South Louisiana. Remy could not understand what she saw in him. 

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  • This book was amazing! I couldn’t put it down. I laughed, cried, and loved every bit! The author really captured the 24 carat Cajun. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good read!!"                                                                                             

    - Elizabeth L.
  • In the beginning I was unsure but am glad I continued reading. The characters came to life and captured my heart. The story line was unexpected and I loved it. I hope there is a sequel. I want to know the rest of Remy’s story."                                               

    - Janet D.

  • Remy was very funny. I liked the short story format within the story and all the funny situations and descriptions of your warped Cajun mind. Octavia books in Nola may like to put on their shelves. Need Remy 2"                                                                                             

    -Carlos G.
  • My Cousin Remy is an easy, comfortable read that provides insights into the unique culture of southern Louisiana. The characters are colorful, and grounded in Cajun lifestyle, with a hint of James Bond fantasy which adds a “Wow” factor. Some areas are a bit racy but that just adds another interesting dimension to My Cousin Remy."                                               

    - Richard S.

  • Very entertaining. Funny. And you have captured the Cajun Lifestyle."                                                                                             

    - Al H.
  • After three decades of living in Europe, I--a South Louisiana girl who grew up in Acadiana--repatriated to North Carolina. I heard about this book from a FB acquaintance and, out of curiosity, I purchased it. What a delightful read! As Remy's stories unfold, I had the feeling I was back where I really do belong, which is Cajun Land. The details and the humor are on target. Thank you for bringing alive many laughs, memories! I am already waiting for the next book.."                                               

    - Leslie H.